Victoria’s Crown inquiry lifts the lid on problem gambling

The Finkelstein inquiry’s findings just might deliver the death blow to a company already teetering on the edge.

Commissioner Raymond Finkelstein (AAP Image/James Ross)

After Crown’s evisceration at the Bergin inquiry, you could be forgiven for thinking the gambling giant had no more dirty secrets left. But Victoria’s royal commission into the company is turning out to be a blockbuster, with each day bringing fresh evidence of a company rotten to its core.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. The Finkelstein inquiry had promised to be the tamer of the two, focusing on problem gambling — a far more innocuous-sounding problem compared with money laundering and Chinese crime gangs.

But so far it is shaping up as posing a far bigger existential threat to the casino, and observers say it could be the death blow for a company teetering on the edge.

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