Should the unvaccinated be left behind — if their stupidity isn’t their fault?

If those refusing a COVID vaccine do so because they’ve embraced a world view created by economic uncertainty, does society owe them anything beyond their healthcare costs?

(Image: Gorkie/Private Media)

What are we to make of Australians who don’t want to be vaccinated? Do we leave them behind, reopen our society and watch them grow ill and, in some cases, die, concluding that it’s their fault?

“Absolutely” is probably what many readers are thinking.

Essential Report has been tracking vaccine resistance for some time — its most recent poll, just a fortnight ago, found 11% of respondents saying they’d never get vaccinated — a figure consistent with the numbers from before the rollout commenced. In recent months, the never-vaxxers spiked to around 16%, but the recent lockdowns appear to have scared the hesitant out of that camp.

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