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WHILE we may not have definitive proof that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, that matters little to those with a fixation on the fruit, especially since something new and apple-flavoured has made a grand entrance into the draught market.

Just in time for the upcoming Apple Day this Oct 21, Heineken Malaysia recently introduced a draught version of its popular Apple Fox Cider, which is available at selected bars, pubs and restaurants nationwide.

In Malaysia’s humid weather, you can’t go wrong with this perfectly chilled and thirst-quenching beverage on draught – especially with its introductory price of RM10 per glass/mug.

At an exclusive launch event in IPC Shopping Centre’s Mighty Monster Cafe & Bar, guests were treated to a free flow of Apple Fox Cider on draught at the bar, together with generous helpings of finger food.

There to serenade them as they downed their fresh, chilled beverage was local indie pop band Son of a Policeman.

First introduced in August 2017, the Apple Fox Cider brand became an instant hit with cider fans.

Its naturally crisp texture and intense flavour proved to be a winning combination in the creation of the brand’s best-tasting cider.

Inspired by New Zealand cider-makers, Apple Fox Cider offers the purity of great tasting apple cider, captivating a drinker’s senses with a crisp texture, made from only good, fresh apples sourced from orchards across the world.

It would be easy to assume that there isn’t a difference between Apple Fox Cider’s bottled or canned form and its brand-new draught form, but seasoned drinkers can detect the subtle differences between the two.

The draught version of the beverage does not run the risk of being damaged by light, or getting ‘lightstruck’, as its bottled variant, due to the method of storage.

The overall strength of the two types of beverages also differs, as the bottled Apple Fox Cider stores its entire aroma inside the bottle, whereas draughts are more flavourful once they are ‘tapped’ out into a mug.

There are, of course, other factors, such as carbonisation, but the end result is that Apple Fox Cider in its draught form is deemed to taste fresher and more delicious than a factory-packaged bottle.

“Apple Day generally goes under the radar in Malaysia, thus the Apple Fox team decided it was high time for us to do something special for our customers,” said Heineken Malaysia marketing director Jiri Rakosnik.

“We have mapped out a lineup of activities for Apple Day that reinforces the fact that our ciders are made from natural, fresh apples, delivering the best quality drinking experience.”

Leading up to Apple Day, there will be plenty of fun activities and promotions for everyone to steal a taste of Apple Fox Cider on draught. Get ready to go on the hunt, but be warned – you’ll need to be as quick as a fox!

Fans around West Malaysia from the Klang Valley to Penang and Johor need to keep their eyes peeled on weekends from now to Nov 3 for the Apple Fox Cider draught mobile tractor.

Possibly the first of its kind, these draught dispensaries are perfect for you to snap pictures with, and upload them onto Instagram, or even just to tap your own mug of Apple Fox Cider draught.

There will also be Apple Fox pinball machines for you to play in participating supermarkets, where you stand a chance of scoring yourself a free can of Apple Fox Cider.

After all, nothing is better than capping off a shopping trip with a bit of competitive spirit, and an ice-cold sip of cider afterwards.

There are two ways you can get an Apple Fox Cider for free on Apple Day weekend starting tomorrow.

Head to a participating bar, pub or restaurant with a fresh apple in hand and exchange for a fresh mug of Apple Fox Cider on the house.

Or peel off the promo voucher that will be featured on the front page of theSun tomorrow, and exchange it for an Apple Fox Cider can/bottle at selected supermarkets.

While the draught cider is available at selected bars, pubs and restaurants, the 320ml cans and 325ml bottles containing 4.5% alcohol (according to the ABV) are sold at hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores.

Activation dates and locations of the Apple Fox Mobile Tractor and Pinball Machines can be found on www.facebook.com/applefoxmy, while redemption locations will be listed on www.applefox.com/wtf.

For more, follow Apple Fox Cider on Facebook at www.facebook.com/applefoxmy, Instagram at @AppleFox_MY or visit www.applefox.com.

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