Mexican president returns one-third of salary to state treasury

MEXICO CITY: Mexico’s austerity-minded president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Tuesday returned a third of his salary to the state treasury, according to Xinhua news agency.

Lopez who took office on Dec 1, pledged to curb public spending, including by slashing his own wages. He gave back 29% of the amount paid to him for the first two weeks.

At a press conference, he reiterated his monthly salary should be around 108,000 pesos (US$5,373), in keeping with his austerity plan. The president said he was paid 76,159 pesos and 59 cents, according to the existing law and decided to return 22,313 pesos and 29 cents.

“I already gave it back to the treasury,“ Lopez told reporters.

He has also called on other top public servants to renounce their exorbitant salaries, including judges in the supreme court, who were against the measure.

Mexico’s long-existing “gilded bureaucracy” must end, said Lopez.

The country’s debt ballooned to a record 48.2% of the gross domestic product in 2016, but decreased slightly to 45.4% last year. — Bernama

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