Korean authorities in Jeju sue tourists for visiting island while having Covid-19 symptoms

AUTHORITIES in the South Korean island of Jeju are suing a mother and daughter for not making prior declarations of having Covid-19 symptoms before their trip there.

A report in CNN, quoting local officials said the daughter had returned from Boston on March 15 and was told to self-quarantine for two-weeks.

However, she defied the quarantine orders and travelled to Jeju with her mother on March 20.

Although the daughter started exhibiting flu-like symptoms on March 21, they both stayed in Jeju for four more days. Both tested positive for Covid-19.

They had come into contact with 47 people in 20 different locations, said CNN quoting local officials.

“Jeju Province has filed a civil suit against the pair at Jeju District Court seeking damages of 132 million won (RM466,310). In addition to the municipal government, plaintiffs include two Jeju residents who have had to quarantine since interacting with the women and two businesses on the island that were forced to close,“ read the report on CNN.

Jeju authorities expressed hope that the punishment meted out to the duo will send a clear message to those who display a blatant disregard for the actions taken by the state to deal with the pandemic.

“I hope to send a strong warning against actions that threaten the deadly struggle of the medical workers, the endeavour of the disease prevention workers, and the participation of our people in their fight against coronavirus,“ Jeju Governor Won Hee-ryong said in a statement.

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