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PETALING JAYA: Thirty years of persistence finally paid off for a storekeeper when he was rewarded with a RM21.5mil windfall, thanks to the serial number on his newly purchased Hi-Fi system.

The 55-year-old audiophile hit the 4875/18 Toto 4D Jackpot 1 draw on Dec 9.

According to Sports Toto Malaysia, he collected his winnings a week later.

“It’s double happiness – getting the Hi-Fi system that I wanted and winning the jackpot,” he said.

His only win in the past was just a measly RM200.

“I thought the serial number of the Hi-Fi system was special. That’s why I bet on the numbers 2366 and 3776.

“As an audiophile, I had wanted to upgrade my Hi-Fi system for quite some time and I managed to find a system which suited my taste last month,” he said.

Sports Toto Malaysia in a statement said the man spent RM6 to buy a System 3 Toto 4D Jackpot ticket, which helped him increase his chances of winning with three sets of numbers.

Apart from the whopping RM21,566,936.80, the Sabahan also won an additional RM336.

“It was my wife who told me that someone had won the jackpot and we had many sleepless nights after finding out that I was actually the winner,” he said, adding this was the best Christmas present ever.

The winner plans to buy properties for investment and allocate a portion of the money for his children’s education.

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