Footscray cemetery: man seen loitering at scene where human heads were taken

Police are looking for more information after a person was seen loitering at a cemetery where two human heads were taken from coffins this week.

Police are hunting a man who was seen fleeing a Melbourne cemetery where two human heads were reportedly stolen from coffins this week.

The bizarre crime – which occurred at the Footscray General Cemetery – left coffins desecrated after the perpetrator pried open mausoleums to access the bodies.

Two separate mausoleums were allegedly broken into four days apart in what police believe are targeted and deliberate crimes.

A third coffin was also damaged but nothing was taken.

Police have ramped up security in the area but have now revealed a man was seen loitering at the site early Saturday morning.

“Police received reports of a man seen acting suspiciously at the Footscray cemetery shortly before 4am,” a spokeswoman said.

“Officers patrolling nearby quickly attended the area however no one was located.”

Police searched the cemetery following the incident but there was no trace of the man and no damage to any coffins.

The case has received international attention, with reports the crimes were linked to satanic rituals after candles, crucifixes and letters to Satan were found in the cemetery.

While no personal objects were taken from the mausoleums – with the offender concentrating on extracting the body parts only – both of the deceased were elderly when they died and located in the same area of the cemetery.

Police remain baffled by the motive behind the crime, but say they also do not believe it was linked to Satanists, due to a lack of evidence supporting that theory.

Police suspect equipment was used in the extraction of the body parts from the sealed coffins, and after happening on two separate occasions, it’s believed the crimes were premeditated.

Despite an extensive investigation launched by detectives, there continues to be little evidence surrounding the case, including a lack of CCTV footage.

Police have increased patrols in the area and the council and cemetery trust has ramped up security efforts.

The investigation remains ongoing. Any witnesses or anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a confidential report online at

Originally published as Footscray cemetery: man seen loitering at scene where human heads were taken