Felda’s transformation – 31 initiatives in 3 phases

KUALA LUMPUR: The Federal Land Development Authority (Felda), which is undergoing a transformation plan, has identified 31 strategic initiatives to be implemented over three phases.

Each phase will take eight months.

“The first phase is to create momentum and early wins, the second on expanding and growing results, while the third is to deliver and build capabilities.

“Every effort is being made to ensure that these phases can run concurrently to expedite the turnaround,” Felda said in a statement today.

The government agency said among the initiatives being implemented include enhancing the loan management services of settlers to tackle issues raised by the settlers so that a better and more transparent loan management system can be established.

Apart from that, an initiative to address settlers’ land inheritance issue is also being implemented.

“30% of 112,635 settler families are facing inheritance issue while another 58% will face similar issues soon enough considering the rising age of settlers.

“Long-term solutions must be achieved to ensure smooth ownership transfer and the welfare of the settler community as a whole,” it said.

Felda said other initiatives involved the reorganisation of Felda and identifying a long-term sustainability model for the group.

“Some of these initiatives will be finalised after discussions with the government,” it said.

Felda said all 31 strategic initiatives were in line the Strategic Intents approved by its board to meet the aspirations of becoming the nation’s leading plantation manager, ensuring financial sustainability, having talented leadership and attaining community wellbeing sustainably.

“The board has also approved Felda’s budget for 2019, which reflects a reduction of 23% compared with 2018.

“With all the strategic intents accomplished, Felda will stand true to its vision to become the nation’s exemplary developer of a progressive settlement community,” it added.

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