Credit where credit isn’t due … labouring in ‘Mediscare’ …

The media is, sort of, finally reporting the PM’s all talk-no action emissions targets. And a labour of love in the Ben Roberts-Smith defamation case?

(Image: AP/Dean Lewins)

Non-action man Crikey has long watched, agog as Australia’s press not only credited Scott Morrison’s announcements as though they were action, but gave the prime minister credit for things he’d not even announced.

In February Morrison saying Australia would “preferably” reach zero net emissions by 2050 was taken as evidence that Morrison was shifting to “a more ambitious climate change target”. In April his announcement that he would not allow his climate policy to be “dictated by the inner cities” was interpreted as a continued “inching” or “shifting” towards zero emissions.

Now, to their credit, most outlets are at least correctly identifying that Morrison’s G7 speech doesn’t actually contain anything of the sort — indeed, we note the irony that after all the credit Morrison has received for his preferences and intentions, he argues that “ambition alone won’t solve the problem of actually reducing emissions”.

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