Brace for rainy days ahead, says dept – Nation

PETALING JAYA: Rainy days are coming to many states this month.

According to the Malaysian Meteorological Department, the country is still in the north-east monsoon phase, which started in November and is expected to last until March.

This means heavy rainfall will occur comprehensively, especially in the east coast states and in the west of Sarawak.

Throughout December, the east coast states are expected to have damp weather conditions with a monthly rainfall exceeding 450mm, the department said on its website.

Several places in Pahang such as Pekan and Rompin as well as in the east of Johor are expected to receive more than the average rainfall.

Conversely, places in the north of the peninsula, such as Perlis and Pulau Langkawi in Kedah, are expected to receive less rain than the average amount.

Other places in the peninsula are expected to receive rainfall between 100mm to 350mm.

In Sabah, most places such as Tawau and Pedalaman are expected to receive less than the average rainfall.

Over in Sarawak, most places are expected to receive the average rainfall, except for Limbang, which is estimated to receive between 200mm and 300mm only.

The report also noted that next month, most places in the peninsula are still expected to receive an average amount of rainfall, save for the east of Johor.

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