Anti-Lynas group alleges misconduct by regulators – Nation

KUANTAN: Anti-Lynas group Save Malaysia, Stop Lynas is alleging there are elements of misconduct on the part of regulators, which have allowed the rare earth materials producer to continue operations.

Its chairman Tan Bun Teet claimed they had evidence showing how several government agencies bent the rules to allow Lynas to keep storing its residue on-site.

“Many people, especially those from responsible industries and businesses, might have half-guessed why and how Lynas could get away with accumulating huge amount of contaminated wastes by its refinery plant for over six years.

“No other industry or business anywhere in Malaysia could get away with so much waste left to contaminate our environment and let its hazards spread amidst claims of zero-harm and compliance.

“We have identified many areas where our regulators have failed to act to prevent contamination of our environment by radionuclides and toxic substances,” he said.

Tan said they had compiled 117 pages of evidence and would submit it to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission soon.

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