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Best smartphones of 2021 | CNN Underscored

CNN —   Smartphones are at the center of our digital lives. And since you’ll likely use your phone more than any other gadget you own, picking the right one …

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Vaccines mandated for federal executive branch workers: COVID news

President Joe Biden on Thursday signed an executive order requiring most federal workers and contractors to be vaccinated, a tightening of the previous policy announced in July that encouraged – but …

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Italy probes cable car crash as lone child survivor recovers

ROME (AP) — Italy’s transport minister was heading Monday to the scene of a cable car disaster that killed 14 people when the lead cable apparently snapped and the cabin …

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To alleviate poor pandemic mental health, leaders need to be upfront

The people in charge need to be transparent and clear in their messaging if they want Australians to “come out of the cave”. The longer the pandemic drags on, the …

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Google Pixel 5A Review: Still the Best Deal in Android

Regardless, one of the biggest reasons I can recommend you buy this phone is the performance. Like previous A-series Pixels, you can comfortably run pretty much any app or game, …