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Covid tracker: See how your state is trending

Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert’s communications director has resigned in the wake of the Capitol insurrection earlier this month, according to a source familiar with the matter.

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National Guard, Richmond gun rally

Many Americans breathed a collective sigh of relief Monday after pre-Inauguration rallies planned across the nation Sunday that could have become violent drew more security personnel than participants. But the threat remained far …

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Heat-Pistons game delayed to allow for additional testing

MIAMI (AP) – Monday’s game in Miami between the Heat and the Detroit Pistons was pushed back five hours, with the league and teams making that decision so additional COVID-19 …

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Can Melbourne host the Australian Open? It’s a matter of risk management

Tournament organisers are adamant things will go ahead. But should it? Men’s tennis champ Novak Djokovic (Image: John Walton/PA Wire) Three weeks out from the start of this year’s Australian …

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How to Bust Your Spotify Feedback Loop and Find New Music

If you’re listening to music right now, chances are you didn’t choose what to put on—you outsourced it to an algorithm. Such is the popularity of recommendation systems that we’ve …